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Washpod HI 1200

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Main Applications

• Automotive Industry
• Manufacturing
• Heavy machinery and Equipment
• Metal working and Machining
• Electronics Manufacturing
• Maintenance and Repair
• Oil, Gas and Mining


• Time Efficiency : Automatic parts washers can clean parts more quickly than manual methods, reducing downtime
and increasing productivity in industrial settings.
• Consistency : These machines provide consistent cleaning results, ensuring that parts are cleaned uniformly and
meeting quality standards.
• Labor Savings : Automated cleaning reduces the need for manual labor, allowing employees to focus on more
skilled and value-added tasks.
• Deep Cleaning : Automatic parts washers use high-pressure spray jets, agitation, or immersion to reach and clean
even hard-to-reach areas of parts effectively.
• Reduced cycle times : allowing you to clean more parts, more thoroughly, safer, up to 75% less time than some competitors

Item CodeItem NameMoQ
141.01.001Washpod HI 12001 Set
Washpod Machine
341.01.001Chemical Cleaner
341.01.002Heavy Duty Chemical Cleaner

Load capacity500 kg
Basket size1.200 m diameter
Internal height600 m
Wash water capacity250 litres
Tank capacity200 litres
Wash water treatment cell50 litres
Pump water pressure420 kpa
Pump mechanical seal typeCarbon on ceramic
Water Nozzles“O” degress, Ø 4 mm

Power Consumption
Pump motor4.0 kW
Elements6.0 kW
Input power3 phase
Input voltage, tolerance415 Vac, ± 10%
Total electrical load17 A
Machine weight (dry)475 kg
Overall height ( lid closed )1.420 mm
Clearance height ( lid open )2.100 mm
Depth ( including lid clearance )1.490 mm
Widths ( footprint ) - L x W1.750 mm x 1.870 mm
Washpod HI 1200
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