• How to find a product?

    • Search by category

    Click on the “Categories” section at the top of our website page and select a specific product category. You can narrow your search by clicking on each sub category.

    • Search by brand

    Click on the “Brands” section at the top of our home page and select a brand from the menu.

    • Search using keywords

    Enter keywords, product names, manufacturers, models, article codes, into the search box. You can also limit search results by selecting product categories.

  • How do I get information about new products and special offers?

    • We provide Live Chat & Whatsapp Business features to talk with our Customer Service. Or by clicking Request For Quotations to get product information & prices.

  • How do we get our After Sales Service?

    Contact our Customer Support at:

    Call : (021) 600 8460 – Bumi Jakarta Head Office

    Call : (024) 358 5809 – Bumi Semarang Branch Office

    Call : (031) 847 5608 – Bumi Surabaya Branch Office

    Call : (0542) 847 5608 – Bumi Balikpapan Branch Office


    Or via e-mail:

    Bumi Jakarta Head Office : [email protected]

    Bumi Semarang Branch Office : [email protected]

    Bumi Surabaya Branch Office : [email protected]

    Bumi Balikpapan Branch Office : [email protected]


    Or you can click the Service Center button.

  • What expeditions can I use to deliver goods?

    • Goods delivery will be carried out by our drivers from the Warehouse / Bumi Distribution Center for Jadetabek area (Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi). To the customer’s address.For customers in the Central Java region, it will be handled by Bumi Semarang Branch Office. And for the East Java region will be handled by Bumi Surabaya Branch Office.For the area of ​​East Kalimantan and its surroundings, it will be handled by Bumi Balikpapan Branch Office.For customers outside the Bumi branch above, shipping through a Warehouse / Bumi Distribution Center with an Expedition in accordance with the Request from the Customer.

  • How do I file a complaint or provide feedback?

    • We really appreciate, hear your opinions and input all about the quality of our services. We will definitely use your Feedback to improve our service and quality. Because we can be more advanced and developing thanks to the advice and input from all the customers.Contact our Customer Support directly at 021-600 8460

  • How do I download a catalog?

    • We provide e-books for you to download on our website which are available on the Download Catalog page.