Warranty Claim

1. Warranty Guarantee

We guarantee 12 months guarantee for all products that we sell. The warranty period starts from the date of the purchase invoice you received. Keep the purchase invoice in support of repair claims when needed by our service center. The warranty does not apply to consumable products. Seal seal damage and loss of warranty card result in all forms of warranty claims not valid. The warranty also does not apply to the following events:

Damage due to natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, floods, lightning, etc.), riots, bites or animal actions, unstable electrical voltage, user errors or omissions (falls, exposed to water / chemical liquids etc.).
Reduction or addition of other accessories without the knowledge of PT. Bumi Teknik Utama
Improved personnel who are not PT. Bumi Teknik Utama
Change or modify the original specifications of the factory.
Incorrect installation.
Damage is associated with other equipment, both mechanically and electronically.

2. Warranty Claims

Warranty claims can be made through:

Phone: (021) 225 53967 – Bumi Jakarta Head Office

Phone: (024) 358 5809 – Bumi Semarang Branch Office

Phone: (031) 847 5608 – Bumi Surabaya Branch Office

Phone: (0542) 847 5608 – Bumi Balikpapan Branch Office

Damage claims must be received by PT. Bumi Teknik Utama maximum 2 days (48 hours) after the item is received. Damage that occurs more than 1 day (24 hours) refers to the warranty included in the product. The claim is not valid if the condition of the product is defective and original, such as: manual book, protective plastic, protective foam, product cardboard, warranty card, seal, and all accessories mentioned in the purchase package, incomplete or defective / damaged / dirty.

Service Claim

Bumi Teknik Utama Service Center is one of our commitments for after-sales service and product improvement for customers. With the support of professional technicians, the delivery system for service items, managed independently, and the links between existing principals, PT. Bumi Teknik Utama Service Center guarantees repair and authenticity of product parts that you have. For goods repair services, contact our Service Center or Fill in the Form below according to the location closest to you.


Jakarta Service Center


Semarang Service Center


Surabaya Service Center


Balikpapan Service Center