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Arc Timer

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● A small palm-size tool that measures actual arc burning time from any welding device. It is intended for developing welding work
processes and improving productivity for individual welding machines.
● With the ArcTimer you get accurate and actual data about arc burning time, which helps you develop your production so that it
leads to actual productivity improvements.
● More productivity with the arc time measuring device.
● Attached to the welding or earthing cable and it uses the current running in the cable to measure the arc time. When welding
starts, the device begins to record the arc time. You can see the time on the display in hours with an accuracy of two decimals.
The arc time reading on the display increases, until you reset the device by pushing the button under the display.

Measured current range20 - 500 A
Cable diameter50 - 95 mm2
Battery lifetime, minimum5 years
Index protectionIP23
Operating temperature-10 … +50 °C
External dimensions ( L x W x H )92 x 82 x 32 mm
Weight215 gram
Item CodeItem Name
202.20.001Arc Timer
Arc Timer
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